I know, I know – it doesn’t take long in the day to upload and post an Instagram photo.

But when you’re juggling a million other things, batching and scheduling Instagram posts to publish automatically is just 1 thing off your plate.

The annoying thing with the usual social media suspects (eg. Hootsuite & Buffer) is that they can’t actually publish the photo automatically. They send you a notification on the day/time you scheduled a photo for, then you have to manually push it to post live.


Although yes it only takes a few seconds, if like many other startup founders you enjoy procrastinating from the minor things you are actually supposed to do, then days will go by with zero posts.

But face the death of procrastination no longer… introducing Onlypult.

Somehow, these guys have managed to get around Instagram’s tight API rules to actually post on your behalf.

Which means you can upload to Onlypult, schedule, and forget about them in the blissful knowledge that they are being automagically posted according to your schedule.

You can even schedule the first COMMENT ahead of time too, perfect if you like to use a bunch of hashtags.

Now, considering that Instagram shut down Instagress not too long ago (#RIP – you were great while you lasted) I’m not 100% sure how long Onlypult will continue to run since they seem to be┬átechnically breaking Instagram’s API rules. So I wouldn’t risk the annual plan, just in case they get shut down at any point.

But while the going is good, they’re a great option for automatically posting your scheduled Instagram posts!


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