There are so many mind-blowing softwares out there that can help do so many useful things (eg. find out which companies are anonymously visiting your website) and most offer 1 month free trials.

So being the savvy startup founder that you are, you probably want to try some out to see if they are a good fit for your business needs.

However, there is no point wasting your developers time by asking him to do a full integration if you’re not 100% certain you’re going to continue after the 1 month free trial.

Similarly, even if you ARE definitely going to continue with it, if you’re using a few different external softwares then it starts getting messy to have so many different tracking / tagging codes installed on your site. That shit slows stuff down.

I discovered Segment recently which is a pretty awesome system that acts as a middleman between your site and a ton of softwares. If you get your developer to set up Segment, then you no longer need to waste tens or even hundreds of developer hours integrating (and then possibly removing) all the softwares you want to try out as it has built-in integrations.

This video is what won me over (and it can explain it better than I can):

What is Segment? from Segment on Vimeo.

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